The Kingsland rail plaza played host to a set of talented artists on the night of Saturday 18th March as part of a unique city-wide, night-time event celebrating Auckland’s art and culture.

White Night originally began in Paris as an evening event to showcase the arts and the night time economy and it’s now spread all over the world.

A major drawcard was  an original performance activation by the Gentleman- Calling Birds from The Human Agency.  

This unique show draws inspiration from the work of artist Bill Hammond.  Three suited performers, with suits buttoned up backwards and wearing giant black beaks, entertained the audience in Kingsland village - all while walking backwards.

"This was our first showing in Auckland and we are really enjoyed seeing how the Kingsland audience responded” said Lara Liew, The Human Agency’s Live Events Manager.

ChalkFX artist Yolanda Bartram brought the rail plaza to life in creating a sparkling pavement mural of a moonflower garden with twinkling chalk.  

Nearby Strickzin Salon had a continuous exhibition of the 3D virtual Kingsland Gallery screened from its front window, featuring Mapura Studios’ artworks by people with disabilities.

Three local photographers showed slides and talked about their personal projects at Atomic Cafe.

Over a dozen local cafes offered tasting plates from $5 as part of Kingsland Flavours Tasting Night  - a regular street food event with a big following.

"Kingsland is ideally suited to this event" said Christine Foley, Kingsland Business Society manager.  “We have a great combination of hospitality and creative businesses in one small place and we love the way they all work together to promote the area."

March 2017