An already popular new green space in Kingsland - the Alsco Pocket Park - is set to become doubly popular after the recent launch of free Wi-Fi provided by Spark.

Locals have already been flocking to the space - the result of a joint venture between Alsco and the Kingsland Business Society – and the roll out of free Wi-Fi is expected to be a major draw card for surrounding workers.

The shared space was created out of unused land at the front of the Alsco building on New North Road after a competition in 2014 to create the winning design.

“The pocket park is one of the few public spaces in Kingsland and to have free Wi-Fi means people who aren’t able to access the internet at work now have a chance to relax and catch up on emails," says Kingsland Business Society manager, Christine Foley.

"We’ve all met someone who can’t use their phone at work, they don’t have credit or data or their employer doesn’t want staff doing private emails in work time,” she says.

Free Wi-Fi at the green space is getting the thumbs up from a range of businesses in the local creative community, Kingsland being home to a large number of hospitality, digital and artistic enterprises.

Several of them have also praised the vibrant new street mural at the site, saying Kingsland is the ideal place for such a project.

Kingsland Business Society Inc
February 2017