A 'movie star for a day' opportunity is part of the 4 day Kingsland Karnival festivities, including Pecha Kucha Night, a Kingsland Flavours $5 Friday tasting evening on March 4th and an interactive afternoon with ‘Straight Outta Kingsland’ Hip Hop dancers Dynamix.

Dynamix Dance Crew are a group of locals aged 12-17 from Baxter Dance School.

They will be performing in a pop up outdoor lounge at the Kingsland rail plaza from 12-4pm on Saturday March 5
th and offering free Hip Hop lessons as well.

After the interactive afternoon entertainment finishes at 4pm, the crew will make their way to ‘barber shop to the stars' and DJ - King Fadez - to record the music video.

Extras are needed to dance or be in crowd scenes and as Dynamix coach Claire Baxter says, “If you’re brave enough to learn Hip Hop in public, we would love to have you as an extra in the music clip we’re making.”  
The video is expected to be shown on YouTube the following week.

Dynamix Dance Crew are off to Hawaii in June to compete in the International Dance and Cheer Games, one of only two qualifying New Zealand dance groups.

Two other Baxter Dance troops, Curioux and Electrix, will also be performing in the rail plaza that afternoon.