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The Kingsland Project 2016

Lee Howell spent years immersed in the Kingsland community to authentically record the character of one of Auckland’s liveliest suburbs in The Kingsland Project.

Lee explored the diverse people and places of Kingsland through an arresting mix of intimate portraits, candid street scenes and vivid urban landscapes.  

In collaboration with the local business community, Lee converted the shop fronts in Kingsland village into a street side art gallery, hanging 20 huge prints from shop verandas for public display.  Flanking the oversized outdoor show, a curated selection of almost 100 images comprising The Kingsland Project was on display at Frame Space, a new exhibition space at 502 New North Road.  

Conceived as a way for the photographer to give back to the community that has served as muse for the long-running project, the unique exhibition experience launched on Thursday 29 September, 6pm at Atomic Cafe and ran until the following Sunday night.  

“I am utterly thrilled with the way the project has been embraced by the community and delighted to share my personal snapshot of Kingsland and its characters,” said Lee.